Discounts Available with Car Insurance Quotes

Finding cheaper insurance is a priority for many drivers. There are several ways you can save money when buying insurance. Qualifying for discounts is a common way to save hundreds of dollars annually on insurance costs. Consider the following discounts when comparing car insurance quotes.

Common Discounts

You can rely on most insurers to offer a particular set of discounts. Although the amount of discounts can vary among insurers, the following are popular discounts provided by most major insurers:
  • Safe driver - by maintaining a clean driving record for a number of years, you can save as much as 10% on premiums.
  • Good student - high school and college students under the age of 25 who maintain a "B" average can get a 15% reduction on insurance.
  • Multi-car - families can save at least 10% by insuring all vehicles through the same agency.
  • Safe vehicle - insuring a car with anti-lock brakes, airbags, automatic seat belts, and anti-theft devices can qualify you for 40% or more off annual premiums.
  • Multi-policy - save an additional 25% when you buy your car, life, and home insurance from the same insurer.
Drivers who qualify for several of these discounts can save over 50% on premiums. You will need to check with each insurer to see which discounts they offer.

Hidden Discounts

In addition to these common discounts, there are other discounts available that may be less familiar to drivers. Not all insurers offer these discounts:
  • Early signing - switching to a new provider before your existing policy expires can save you between 5% and 10% on your new policy.
  • Low mileage - retirees, self-employed individuals who work at home, and even drivers who live close to their work may be eligible for 10% off premiums because they are on the road less which reduces their risk of being in an accident.
  • Payment plan - you may get up to 5% off premiums just by setting up automatic payments for monthly plans. Or you can save 10% if you pay your policy premium in full.
Car insurance quotes are the best way to buy coverage today. When comparing car insurance quotes, you need to know which discounts are applied to each quote so you can determine if you are getting a good deal or not. Use the best quote to buy a policy that meets your needs!

Fatal Flaws: How your House Can Prevent You from Obtaining Home Insurance Quotes

Home insurance quotes are an important part of being a responsible homeowner. Before you purchase or build your new house, it is important to know the conditions that could make it difficult for you to obtain home insurance quotes.
1) Fuse Panel
If a fuse panel has been correctly installed, it is not a safety issue on its own. However, many insurance companies are banning fuse panels for new policies, for a number of different reasons.
The main problem with fuse panels is when a homeowner replaces a fuse with one that is too large. Larger fuses can cause the wiring or other electrical components to heat up enough to cause a fire or other damage. Most fuse panels can easily be replaced with a circuit breaker box.
2) Knob and Tube Wiring
This type of wiring was an early method of electrical wiring, which was used until the 1930's. Although it is still used in a select few applications, it is no longer insurable and is actually illegal in residential environments. Rewiring your home can cost anywhere from $8,000 to $20,000 depending on your home.
3) Aluminum Branch Wiring
This is another type of wiring was common from 1965 to 1973. This type of wiring is known to contract as it cools down and expand as it warms up. Over time, this can cause the wiring to come loose, which can lead to fires. Aluminum also oxidizes which can also cause fires. You can rewire your house, or you can crimp a copper "tail" to your wire, so that the copper wire is connecting with your electrical fixture. This option is a cheaper alternative to rewiring your home.
4) Polybutylene Plumbing
This type of plumbing pipe was used throughout the 1980's and is usually a bluish gray color. It is a flexible pipe and is known for causing flood damage. As of September 2012, Citizens Insurance Company outlawed this type of plumbing. It will cost you anywhere from $4,000 to $10,000 to do a re-plumbing on your home. We recommend copper pipes.
5) Roof with less than 3 Years of life
A roof is very important. Not only is it visually appealing, but it also protects you against rain, wind, and the sun. If your roof has less than 3 years of useful life left, your chances of being denied by home insurance quotes is high. On average, a shingle roof will last 15 to 25 years. You can also choose between tile and metal roofing materials for longer life expectancies if installed correctly and maintained.
A quote for a new roof will typically be calculated per square. A square is equal to 100 square feet of shingles. The cost will vary, but expect to pay between $225 and $300 per square.
As you can see, some of these conditions are easier and cheaper to fix than others! This is why it is important to know them before you purchase or build a house, so you can avoid wasting money on repairs.

Tips on getting cheap auto insurance

Getting cheap auto insurance isn't some magic trick that only finance experts are able to pull off. With enough basic knowledge and patience you can easily find affordable insurance for your car. Of course, the results to how cheap the insurance can get will always vary depending on your location, demographics and the car you're trying to insure. However, by applying any of the following methods and combining them simultaneously you will always find more affordable options regardless where you live or what car you drive:
So discover what tips have collected here for your conveniene.
Coverage optimization
One of the main reasons why people end up paying too much for insurance is having too much coverage they don't really need. This problem can be easily eliminated by reviewing your policy and optimizing your coverage. Just try to rationalize your insurance needs adequately and remove all the coverage options that are essentially useless in your situation. Just make sure to avoid being short of basic coverage since it will always come in handy in case of an accident.
Deductible adjustment
Deductibles are used for some of the most used types of coverage such as collision or comprehensive. To put it simply, a deductible is the amount of money you are ready to pay out of own pocket before the coverage is used. And naturally, the higher is the amount the less likely for the insurer to pay out a claim. Thus, when you increase the deductible your premiums are automatically lowered. Take note, this method is very effective for obtaining cheap auto insurance but it is also risky for those who push the deductible too high. Just make sure to set the value to something you can really afford in case of an accident.
Comparison shopping
Comparison shopping is one of the simplest and most effective tools for obtaining cheap auto insurance. Since every company has its own methods used for calculating rates, there are always fluctuations in the average price for a given policy when browsing through different insurers. Comparing auto insurance quotes lets you exploit this fluctuation to own advantage and get a decent policy for a fair price. All you need to do is simply get a lot of quotes and compare them.
Discounts are more common than you may think and it can be very helpful to benefit from one of them. Ask your insurance provider if you can get any discount - they will probably have something that will fit with your situation. And if you make part of a particular group, such as credit or trade union, professional association or private club, you can ask the organization if there are any affiliated insurance companies that may provide a discount.
Driving courses
Driving courses are another method for obtaining cheap car insurance. But we're not talking about basic driving courses required for your license exams. There are plenty of advanced, safe, defensive and special driving schools and courses all over the country. And while completing them will surely improve your driving skills, the main benefit is the certificate, which usually grants you a discount with the majority of insurance providers. This way you're simply killing two birds with one stone: becoming a better driver and getting cheap auto insurance.

If the appearance of fake certificates is too large quotes for car insurance cannot drop

The reason for the mandate on car insurance is easy to justify. No one is forced to drive, but if all those who decide to drive carry valid insurance, the cost of insurance will be low. Should too many people drive without valid insurance, rates rise. Worse it becomes prudent to carry uninsured driver insurance. The cost of insurance for honest drivers is therefore significantly higher than it should be.
What should be done?
From a technology perspective, it's easy to link the databases used by insurance companies and the local Department of Motor Vehicles. Whenever anyone seeks to register a vehicle or to renew a driver's license, it should be the work of seconds to confirm whether this person has a valid policy of insurance in place. As a good example of the benefits that come from this link, the experience in Michigan points the way forward. Every year, the state DMV is required to register slightly more than seven million passenger vehicles. Up to this point, drivers have been able to present a paper certificate as evidence of a valid policy of insurance. In a test run for the new computer system in July, 16% of the paper certificates presented were found to be fake. As a trial, this has been a great success with more than four thousand vehicles registrations suspended because there's no valid insurance cover.
Fraud reduction should be the priority
There are open advertisements online on sites like Craiglist (obviously they come with disclaimers) for the card certificate or fake papers. Some of the forgeries are quite sophisticated with the fraudsters running proper telephone lines so that if anyone calls to query the validity of the certificates, they can make reassuring noises. Others have a joke quality as if they are never intended to be used in a real world situation. But every person who does produce one, whether it's at a DMV office or the scene of an accident, is causing harm. The more people avoid paying, the more difficult it is for all the honest drivers to find cheap car insurance.
There is currently a move being made to confirm the link between all the databases by Michigan. The use of computers to combat the fraud is now essential with as many as 20% of vehicles on American road being without insurance. This should apply not only to the DMV offices around each state. There's no reason why the insurers' database should not be available to all police officers while on patrol. If you tie in the license plate reading systems with the database, the police officer would be able to pull up any uninsured vehicles on the road. The more quickly these vehicles are removed, the greater the incentive for drivers to buy the relevant insurance. Only then can everyone else expect their car insurance quotes to start falling. Is that not what we pay out police officers to do when they are out on mobile patrol?

Cheapest car insurance and how black boxes work

To get the cheapest car insurance you need to understand how insurance companies rate your driving and rate your risk. The business of insurance is a lot like gambling. They are betting on you not going to make a claim or get into an accident.

They use actuaries to calculate the likelihood of an accident. These individuals use mathematical models to limit the number of risks to the company. There are over 211 million licensed drivers in the US and in 2009 over 16.5 million accidents with 48,000 resulting in a fatality. Actuaries analyze the crash data, information about the cars involved, information about the people involved, and use that to tabulate your risk. An Event Detection Recorders (EDR) or the black box is a new tool that the actuaries and car insurance companies use to analyze crash data.

EDRs are in most new cars and by 2015 will be in all cars produced in the US. They operate very much like a crash recorder for an airplane. EDR's are event triggered and only record vehicle information just prior to and post and accident; like did the automatic collision notification system activate during the event. (This is akin to how the brand OnStar knows you have been in an accident, then, they in turn use your car's GPS to send help.) EDR's monitor how the brakes acted, what the level of thee gas pedal was at the time of impact, the speed of the vehicle and things like did the seatbelts and airbags engage. All of this gives data on the safety of the car, as well as some information about the driver.

However, if you want to get safe driver discount for your EDR, you need to sign up for a black box that gives the insurance company real time access to your driving habits. They will install a transmitter to your EDR, which gives them detailed information about your average speed of travel, travel time, and distances. In addition, it transmits back the speed at which you take curves, how you accelerate from a stop, or how you use your breaks.

The caveat to requesting the black box is that it can tell them that you are not a safe driver. It can increase your premiums or decrease your premiums. If you believe you are truly a safe driver and drive conservatively then it will help you get the cheapest car insurance.