As the great leader is a continuous process

Building trust

Keep your promise. Maintaining a high level of integrity and responsibility, to build trust between you and your team loyalty. Trust, with people with similar values.

Working with others is communication intensive. If we have an understanding of what others want, need and require and have clarity in what we as leaders and the feeling that our goal is easier to make the team in the same direction, with the same vision and goals. It requires constant communication, open and clear.

Delegate to Empower

Ideal candidate for this task and their short, it is clear what needs to be done. Then you ask the person you are proposing in their understanding of the tasks to confirm the deal. Giving responsibility to the government. Support and monitor their progress. Believe me, they have the skills and competencies to handle this problem in their own way. Make available financial statements as a positive feedback and recognition when a job well done.


Provide structure. Advice and support to those who manage and lead you. Start with 360-degree review of the current realities of training, job performance, including the belief that they and others in their work. Help them to target a precise, realistic but the inspiration for themselves based on the business and their needs and monitor progress in their action plans to achieve their goals. Give constructive feedback on this road.


Teach the skills and expertise and resources to increase productivity in other countries.

Managing interpersonal conflicts

Managers must deal with the conflict sooner rather than later. Conflict itself is not bad in itself. It surfaces when one or more parties with different perspectives and misunderstandings. Disagreement is normal, given the diversity in the economy. The leader must surround himself with people, to offer a different paradigm for them. This ensures better performance of the team who can identify their blind spots and shortcomings. Be careful with the use of "yes" people who always agree with you. You may not be authentic.


In order to influence others so you want to show convincing evidence to act, the behavior itself. If you want to be professional, so you should always display a professional attitude.


Be fair and balanced decision. Sometimes fear prevents us from making a decision. If there is any doubt, you may need more information to make decisions. Once all the information you can decide.

Responsibility and accountability

Always on the responsibility and blame for the mistakes of his team. Never blame a team member, if something goes wrong. To take corrective action and to discuss with someone who has made a mistake, then, without anger, guilt or shame. The key is to help them exercise and use it as an opportunity for growth.

Emotional Maturity

Always keep their emotions in check. Do not shout or raise his voice - even if you are upset or angry. Take control, their words thoughts and deeds.

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