How to Maximize Twitter to Develop Your Business

Twitter offers the ability to bind customers and draw their attention to your products and services. The goal of course look for loyalty and develop ideas so that your products can be accepted.

Twitter is very popular right now, if you wish to make twitter as a marketing tool and increase sales, you are certainly not alone.

Here's how to attract customers via Twitter.

1. ask
Start by asking your followers. Ask their opinion you want to know. Are they like the new logo? How many times do they buy your product? Do they want to switch to another product?

By asking you get a glimpse of what the minds of consumers towards your product. This could be an added bonus. Because, no one wants to follow an account that contains promo release only.

2. Make a Quick Poll
By making a quick voting or polling make you have two advantages. First, you know the opinions of consumers towards products, brands and services.
Second, you can find interesting things that could be a value-added products. But do not forget to post the results of the poll, so that followers also know the other followers's desire.

You can ask anything, but it would be interesting if you write the time of voting. Tweet like, "Poll: Where do you buy this product, closing one hour from now." So the people who participate will check the results an hour later.

3. Create a Customer Service Account
If you receive questions, complaints or comments from customers then make a customer service account. Manage your customer service account.

For example, set to a link that links to pages of Questions and Answers, answers to technical issues, and move into an email conversation if they need further assistance.

4. Monitor @mention
Not all feedback about your product on Twitter comes from you or your product. On Twitter, feedback can also be derived from a conversation about other products.

Do a quick search on your product. How to use search options and input @your-product to find what people talk about your product.

You can use applications like HootSuite or TweetDeck to make it easier monitoring @mention about your products.

5. watch the Search Products, Brand, your logo or slogan
When observing @mention, sometimes you find that people not only talk about brands and products. They also talked about the owner, the site, the service, wrap products,etc.

If you want to capture all the feedback about your products directly, you have to be more creative. It is the time for the creative industries ;-)

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