Cheapest car insurance and how black boxes work

To get the cheapest car insurance you need to understand how insurance companies rate your driving and rate your risk. The business of insurance is a lot like gambling. They are betting on you not going to make a claim or get into an accident.

They use actuaries to calculate the likelihood of an accident. These individuals use mathematical models to limit the number of risks to the company. There are over 211 million licensed drivers in the US and in 2009 over 16.5 million accidents with 48,000 resulting in a fatality. Actuaries analyze the crash data, information about the cars involved, information about the people involved, and use that to tabulate your risk. An Event Detection Recorders (EDR) or the black box is a new tool that the actuaries and car insurance companies use to analyze crash data.

EDRs are in most new cars and by 2015 will be in all cars produced in the US. They operate very much like a crash recorder for an airplane. EDR's are event triggered and only record vehicle information just prior to and post and accident; like did the automatic collision notification system activate during the event. (This is akin to how the brand OnStar knows you have been in an accident, then, they in turn use your car's GPS to send help.) EDR's monitor how the brakes acted, what the level of thee gas pedal was at the time of impact, the speed of the vehicle and things like did the seatbelts and airbags engage. All of this gives data on the safety of the car, as well as some information about the driver.

However, if you want to get safe driver discount for your EDR, you need to sign up for a black box that gives the insurance company real time access to your driving habits. They will install a transmitter to your EDR, which gives them detailed information about your average speed of travel, travel time, and distances. In addition, it transmits back the speed at which you take curves, how you accelerate from a stop, or how you use your breaks.

The caveat to requesting the black box is that it can tell them that you are not a safe driver. It can increase your premiums or decrease your premiums. If you believe you are truly a safe driver and drive conservatively then it will help you get the cheapest car insurance.

Cheap car insurance and SR-22

Driving is a privilege. When you do something to have your license revoked it is usually a game changer. You might feel trapped, as if you are no longer independent. Yes, you can ride the bus, walk, ride a bike, or ask friends and family to get your form here to there. By the time you have the chance to get your license back you are ready to do almost anything.
You will probably have paid a hefty fine, and may even need to take a safe driving course. (The safe driving course should help you secure relatively cheap car insurance.) For most states, the 'almost anything' is proof of liability insurance. You will probably need proof of insurance in order to get your license re-instated even if you no longer own a car. Generally, you will need to carry that insurance for at least 3 to 5 years despite not owning a vehicle. In that time you are required to buy a non-owners policy, sometimes called a SR-22. SR-22 is the document that some states require you to carry at all times when you are driving, along with your license.
Most insurance companies sell non-owners policies. They usually go to people who have lost their license, or someone who travels a lot and uses rental cars, borrowed vehicles, or vehicles they do not own for several days a month or multiple weeks per year.
Non-owners auto insurance policies are a liability policy. You are insured for any damage to property or to a person that you inflict resulting from a collision you caused. Like all auto insurance you pick the maximums you think are best for your situation. Remember that liability limits mean that is the maximum dollar amount that the insurance company will pay for a claim, not the maximum amount awarded, or total costs of an accident. If you choose a policy that has maximums below the actual costs, what you own privately may be used for compensation to the injured parties.
SR-22 or non-owners policy is not a collisions policy. It does not cover the cost of repair to the car that you were driving. Nor do they cover an automobile that is registered in your name or one that the owner's residence is the same as yours.
If you recently re-gained your license and are looking for cheap car insurance, make sure the company you choose conforms to the SR-22 requirements of your state.

Weather Forecast Tools

Weather Forecast Tools PredictWind offers announced the actual release of these recently developed apple iphone and also Google android app that gives complete wind forecast tool functionality to smartphones, making predictions simpler and also faster to get into from any place. The marine wind forecast is regarded as the sophisticated entirely on a great Iphone app and also permits users to create and also get forecasts regarding specific places, signals for perfect problems and check the latest wind flow findings. 

Having weather forecast is important if you wish to have outdoor actions. By forecasting weather, you’re capable of know wind flow pace, be it likely to be over cast or otherwise and you could even forecast the particular temperatures in the area in which you’re planning to perform an event or perhaps action. For people who has activity within fishing, snorkeling or other water activities inside open ocean, predicting weather conditions become vital to know because you’re able to do preparation in the event the weather is expected to be bad. If you’re planning to possess a program action then it is advised that you should possess a trustworthy plan to be able to calculate all information and provide you with good prediction about how the weather will probably be. 

Within forecast weather, make sure you understand all the details provided, including the images. All of this will help you within understanding what you’re about to anticipate. The area array of the forecast will be according to what sort of program that you’re using. If you’re just using free of charge plan, you then shouldn’t assume much because generally that just able to forecast a single location just or possibly geographic area just. Take phone recommendation, as you can find out whether the clients are content with this system they acquired. This can help you eliminate several choices and refined this to simply 1 by the end. Using the most recent estimations coming from PredictWind’s high resolution weather conditions model, the elements redirecting instrument may piece the easiest path with regard to consumers to sail among two factors, as well as the trip planner can assist customers within organizing the best time as well as evening to be able to start their passing. PredictWind offers more information regarding a variety of aspects of weather, which includes blowing wind speed and also direction, right down to a single sq . kilometre region, and data weather observations (nowcasts) through fifteen,thousand weather channels around the world. Recognized as the planet leader inside high res wind flow projecting, PredictWind was released 4 years ago inside a web-based structure through America’s Cup weatherman Jon Bilger along with a group of specialized professionals. Visit to learn more.

How Gender Affects Cheapest Car Insurance Options

How does gender affect cheapest car insurance options? If you are looking for the cheapest car insurance available in your area, there is a need for you to spend some time doing some research. Sure it is time consuming and you would have to deal with the nitty gritty but it will do you good in the long term. There are a few things that affect one's policy and this includes age, sex, and location - and no this isn't the internet lingo ASL. Your location plays a vital role in the determination of your policy's rate because there are just those areas that make it impossible to protect a car from theft. Your age also plays an important role because according to statistics, there are age groups that are more aggressive on the road than others while there are age groups that are deemed as more responsible in terms of driving.
But how about gender? Isn't basing one's insurance premium on one's gender a form of discrimination? Gender bias is a natural thing for many insurers because this helps them determine how much one should be paying for one's car insurance premium.
Women ages 16 to 25 for example usually pay less than the males in the same age group all because males of this age range tend to be more reckless than the females. This of course is a generalization but it is still included in the computation for insurance rates because more often than not, the statistics are proven right.
Many consumers are going against this though because they say, the only reason why women are safer drivers is that there is not that very many of them on the road and with this small numbers, it is difficult to say whether women in general drive more carefully than their male counterparts. But no matter what logic one gives to insurers, there is and will always be gender bias hence the need to go around it to get the cheapest car insurance option.

A reference to the Competition Commission is on the cards

With the latest revelations about Barclays and other banks lying to manipulate the LIBOR, and the HSBC at the centre of money laundering activities in America, we're used to the idea of the banking sector ripping us off. But we somehow tend to think the rest of our capitalist business community works more fairly. As if! With G4S coving itself with glory over providing security to the Olympics and the newspapers hacking into our computers and voicemail, it can hardly come as a surprise the insurance sector is also not working properly and denying us cheap car insurance.
In June, the Office of Fair Trading announced a provisional decision to refer the British insurance industry to the Competition Commission. Although the final decision is delayed until October, we can be hopeful this is now a formality. The OFT accused the industry of being dysfunctional and costing drivers an estimated 225 million pounds a year in additional premium payments. The way the scam works is that, when we have an accident, the insurers refer us to garages to make the repairs, or sell or rent us replacement vehicles. The insurance companies receive a percentage fee for each referral. This is reflected in the price the insurers pay these garages for repairs or car hire companies for replacement vehicles. The sale prices of replacement vehicles can be inflated or the period of hire can be recorded as longer than that actually enjoyed. The result? Whether you are the at-fault driver or the victim, everyone's premiums rise. In each insurance company's accounts, the payments made on your behalf to repair or replace are described as a cost, but a percentage is actually a concealed profit element for delivering the service the insurers are already contracted to deliver.
The experts expect the Commission to ban the insurers from continuing to add these referral fees. It's not clear whether this will produce cheap car insurance. Since some insurers make most of their profit from these fees, the stock market valuation of the companies affected has fallen. Perhaps appropriately, one of the companies most affected is Direct Line. This has been preparing to float on the stock exchange. Perhaps it will now delay. Ironically, Direct Line is owned by the RBS Bank so you can see where the culture to rip off customers comes from.

Vehicle insurance and driver's age

There are many things that affect a driver's insurance rates. Starting with the car he or she drives to the place where its registered - all these small pieces of data are analyzed by the insurance company and used to determine the rates they'll charge this particular customer. But of all the factors that the insurance companies will use there's one particular piece of data that you just can't do anything about - your age. That's right, your age also has impact on how much you will have to pay for having your car insured. And for some age groups this impact isn't as good as they would like it to be.
As with any other factor involved in calculating insurance rates, the age of the driver helps the insurance company to determine the likelihood of filing a claim. In other words, from the insurer's perspective your age can determine the probability of you having a traffic accident during a given period of time. And if this may seem quite vague they have the statistics on their side. According to statistical analysis different age groups tend to produce different numbers of accidents with teens and seniors being the most likely to have traffic problems while the middle age being the safest of all drivers. Let's look closer at this observation.
Drivers aged less than 25 tend to get the highest car insurance quotes of all age groups because they produce more accidents in general. First of all, young drivers lack the driving experience for avoiding certain risky situations. Moreover, teens tend to behave more risky in general thanks to the well known attitude common in this particular age. So we have a mix of factors that allows the insurers to act as they usually do - set higher rates. Of course, this doesn't mean that all teen drivers are necessarily bad drivers. But it's when the majority determines the rates for the minority and there's little you can do about it.
Middle age drivers on the other hand already have plenty of driving experience on their hands to behave more responsibly on the road. Besides, most people tend to get more cautious and laid back with age that's why you won't see so many housewives or business executives speeding on the highways as there are teens doing such things. That's why drivers aged between 25 and 55 tend to have the lowest car insurance quotes in general.
However, at a certain point age stops being an advantage and turns into a disadvantage. This happens around the age of 55 and goes onwards with each year passing. From this age the quotes you get start to increase steadily and around 65 will go up even at a faster phase. This is explained by the fact that senior drivers tend to produce more accidents than the average driver yet the reasons in this case are different from those at teen age. Older car owners usually develop health conditions that may affect their driving abilities and speed of reaction. That's why they usually get higher car insurance quotes just like teens do.

Car insurance quotes for a unique product

When you set out to buy a refrigerator, you can lay down a few gentle guidelines for yourself. Do you only want to buy a product from an American manufacturer, what's your price range, how energy efficient do you want it to be, and so on? Now a few minutes spent on the internet produces makes, models and lists of retail prices. Armed, you now set off for the local electrical stores and hope to find a bargain. Car insurance is a rather different proposition. It's a contract and the only way you can actually see it is by getting hold of a copy of the policy. Even then, it may not be completely clear what you are buying. Some of the language used to draft these contracts is not so easily understood unless you majored in law from one of these upmarket universities. But now we come to the really unusual qualities.
Although there are regulations dealing with electrical safety in the manufacture of refrigerators, there are both federal and state laws regulating insurance. More importantly, there's a mandate in all but one state requiring you to buy the minimum amount of liability cover. There's also an Insurance Commissioner who oversees the terms and conditions and, in some states, has to be consulted on rate rises. Given this amount of oversight, many of the policies are broadly similar. The only differences come in the way in which each company assesses the risk you will be involved in an accident and make a claim, and in the efficiency with which your claim is handled.
This means shopping around can only be based on the maximum number of car insurance quotes you get through sites like this, and the help and guidance offered by your state's Insurance Commissioner. Once you have the basic information, you then come to the Commissioner's site. On the best, you find reports of the complaints made against the local insurers. Now tie the car insurance quotes to the number of complaints. There's no point in buying cheap car insurance from a company with multiple complaints. Look for affordable quotes from insurers that seem to offer a good service if you are unlucky enough to be caught in an accident.

Making your business more green

One of the new "games" to play in reputation management is to suggest your business is in some way friendly to the environment. An increasing percentage of the population believes you run a better business if it is more sustainable and "green". In this, there's actually an ironic benefit. Insurance companies also believe you should run your business in ways that reduce risk. This means keeping all your policies, processes and procedures under review to ensure they are safe. If you find ways to reduce the risk of claims, the insurer will respond with discounts. So, for example, your business may benefit if both the public access and the employee-only parts of your premises are redesigned in a more environmentally friendly way. If you use paint that does not fume and has reduced levels of toxicity, this reduces any risk of allergic reactions and illnesses.
Using natural light wherever possible, fitting LED lights and generally using power-efficient equipment reduces heat and the risk of fire. It also makes the premises more comfortable and popular with customers. Ask your insurer whether there are incentives to upgrade the building by fitting energy-efficient systems. If you comply with the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards, the Insurance Information Institute reports that, as from 2010, there are more than twenty insurers offering up to 10% discount on premium rates. One of the factors you might want to consider is the use of solar or wind power. Ignoring the capital cost to produce enough electricity to allow you to "go off the grid", one of the main worries is the risk of outages. Some insurers are now offering specialized business interruption coverage to boost confidence.
When it comes to the vehicles used in the business, some of the commercial auto insurers offer discounts if you buy or lease hybrids. Even though you may not be impressed by the claimed threats of global warming or climate change, the insurance industry is firmly on the side of reducing emissions. The better the fuel-economy of your fleet, the lower the premium rates are likely to be. Similarly, the idea of pay-as-you-go will both save you money on the premium rates if you reduce milage to the absolute minimum and persuade your employees to drive more safely. The more safely and efficiently you run the fleet, the lower the premium payments. It also makes an excellent add-on to your marketing to show how much you care about the environment and that you are committed to reducing America's dependence on imported oil. If you build environmental factors into your current risk management system, there's a real chance of improving your bottom line, negotiating discounts on your business insurance rates, and giving yourself some marketing copy that will enhance your reputation with green customers. In this instance, there's no reason why your skepticism about climate issues and other environmental factors should stand in the way of improved profits. Talk this through your your business insurance advisor to find out what your state's insurance industry has on offer if you do decide to become more eco-friendly.

$100 Per Life span Disguise Adsense – Possible?

These are proven techniques for forging Google AdSense, which will pains on most blogs and websites. Qualified is no secret system, you right posses to presume adept and put the extent and try into forming things happen. Don ‘ t start out on the Google AdSense path and image you are pronto dash to impersonate making 1000 ‘ s of dollars a bout. Undeniable isn ‘ t game to happen.

The most signal step to forming finances from Google AdSense is to optimization the plant of traffic to your blog or website. Vanilla ways of evidence this is by distributing your articles to ezine lists, article announcement lists, blog carnivals, social bookmarks sites and yahoo groups. For this to striving you use to draft at primogenial one unknown article a present, which needs to correspond to of a super level and beautiful.

Generate the ad units and so that they blend fix tuck away your blog. You will the urge to go into your Google AdSense control panel and enter the hex colour codes from your website or blog. Make sure the text colour; background colour, and link colours all match your blog.

Don ‘ t use borders around the ad unit boxes. Again, you want the boxes to blend, you will have to colour code the borders to match the background so that they become invisible.

Find profitable niche markets, it is important not to choose markets where the cost per click is too low to make it worth your while. I suggest that you do some keyword research and find out roughly what the cost per click is in Ad Words. Usually this will be a good indication as to whether this will be successful.

Keywords are of great importance, you have to make sure that your content is not overstuffed with particular keywords to the point of destroying readability and value. What you need to do is master the art of making sure your articles make liberal use of on – topic keywords, which are likely to generate the most relevant ads. Experts maintain that using keywords with your titles and H1 tags is any excellent way to assist in getting the most relevant possible adds

How to Create Business Opportunities As an Entrepreneur

As a business we must capitalize on opportunities because of the opportunity, if lost would have been a loss. Of course, because if it only comes one time what can we do. For that follows the science by creating Plunge in the business world that you can look at.

Tip #1 - Create Opportunities-Don't Wait for Them

Many people who have not achieved success in business are under the impression that opportunities arrive passively. All they have to do is wait for one to show up on the front door; and then grab it. But, in fact, successful business owners and managers know that opportunities are usually created, not stumbled over. So make an effort to create opportunities in your daily work.

Tip #2 - Keep the Big Picture in Mind, But Stay Focused on the Short Term Process

The big picture is important. It tells you where you are and where you're going. However, in some situations, it can distract you from the task at hand. If you want to attain true success, then you have to know how to stay focused and effective on short-term problems, while also working within the greater framework of the big picture.

Tip #3 - Record Your Progress

Identifying and recording progress is important. It tells you how far you've come from where you once where. If you don't follow it carefully, it's easy to miss that it has occurred at all.

So, as progress occurs, record it somewhere. Write down exactly what happened, why it qualifies as "progress," and why you think it happened.

Tip #4 - Record Your Failures

Similar to recording your progress, record your failures, too. No matter how bad a failure was, force yourself to think hard about it. Ask yourself what went wrong. Also consider whether it was something you could influence or whether chance or someone else played an important role in determining the outcome. As painful as this process might be, it will help you to process your failures and to assimilate the lessons you take from them into future business decisions.

Tip #5 - Do Not Allow Hope to Overcome Analysis

Hope is an important emotional driver of actions. It can motivate you to continue on a path, even when you know the road ahead is difficult. However, in some situations, we simply allow hope to take over and ignore the consequences. If you want to be truly successful, then it is wise to practice "cautious optimism," rather than chasing hope regardless of what your brain tells you.

Good bit of writing by creating this opportunity could be useful for those of you who really was a businessman.

Startup Business Ideas - Don't Ignore These 8 Great Ideas!

If you're looking for simple and low risk start up business ideas then this is the article for you, let's get right into it.

1. Local business: there is a massive opportunity at the moment to help local stores get a website and get online. If you can learn a few simple web design tricks you can fill this niche in your area.

2. Forum offers: whatever market you want to work in there are hundreds of forums online full of potential clients who are also obsessed by the subject. So what you need to do is craft an offer just for the forum members and then build your profits on the back end.

3. Direct mail: have you noticed that you get a lot less junk mail theses days? Well that is because most advertisers have turned to email marketing, which leaves a gap in the market for a good copywriter to refill that space.

4. Google advertising: You must have seen this while browsing the web. Google has ads on millions of sites and this can be a great low cost way for you to gain leads for any new business.

5. Freelance: If you have a skill for writing then there are so many webmasters looking for people to write good copy. Visit a site like and see what you can find.

6. Get partners: so you may be great at marketing but not have the profile to be able to front your own products. The way to get around this is to borrow the credibility of a partner and split the profits.

7. Sell information: the great thing about info products is that people find it hard to value information. So you can command high sums for simple ebooks.

8. Start a blog: this is one of the best startup business ideas that I have come across because you can take a subject your are passionate about and just start writing about it once a day. The only thing you need to check is that there are people searching for your topic and then you're good to go. Once you have a good number of hits per day you can start to display ads and the revenue will roll in.

Happy days...

Final thoughts.

I thought long and hard about putting this list together because to be honest with you start up business ideas are everywhere. The trick is to pick the right one that works best for you and take massive action to make this stuff happen.

I wish you all the best of luck with your new business.

Overcoming the fear of your network

It Is Difficult to Overcome Their Fears in a network, Especially if you're a beginner. If you leave your Fears, The Better Half of You Who Never move forward and to Overcome Them. Imagine Always Afraid Of What You're afraid to do it now. Now imagine Never Been afraid of this thing again. To change your life? Which option? Here are Some Tips on How to Overcome Their Fears In The Network, So You Can finally take over-the network food chain.
To make your Concerns Directly, The Network Needs, And The challenge to beat them to get rid of. There Is No Other Way. It Is Difficult, Necessary goal if you want to be 3% of managers. End your fear of excuses and if you do not Have panic attacks, There Is No Excuse for Avoiding it.

You Must Let the situation of fear to Discuss Taking Over you. Start Slowly and Think About The Worst That Can Happen If You confronted your fear. The brain, like playing a round and distort reality Cdn. Make sure Before the reality of The Situation. Anti distorted ideas and thoughts are The Best Thing That Could Happen, Not the worst.

Here's an example: you call The Fear of potential Customers and a desire not to laugh or Suspended. We are not in school and follow if you or Someone mocks hang up, Then only your job Easier navigation. You do not want Someone Like You to join your team. Consider What is Lost When You Call thesis leads ends. Maybe a missed sale $ 10,000! Imagine, if you do not want to call it lead? Take care not to leave, The fear of HAVING The Best of you.

Try Something New Today. Avoid Taking Your Fears at a time Because it Overwhelm You. Start slow and Analyzing The Reality Of The situation. You Will See That In The End It Was not Difficult to Achieve at all! Fear is only a thought. You Can choose and change your opinion for the Better! If you learn to Overcome Your Fear In a network, You Will Achieve excellent results in your confidence and sales to see.

The effectiveness of employee functions "Owning" Their work for your company

It is said that the greatest asset of any enterprise, whether large or small, is to its employees. Its workforce is the life of your business and can grow the business, you need to know how to make their employees "own" their work. This does Not mean you make them shareholders of the company. In simple terms this means the adoption and will be responsible for your use.

The workforce should be part of your business objectives. This means that your employees must also make an effort to establish an effective business plan for the benefit of society. If employees do not understand the purpose, it is likely that they would not give body and soul to the task, which is vital in running a successful small business enterprise. You can create a meeting, or if it takes too long, you can encourage your employees to drop you a line by email or in a box proposal. Make an effort to let your employees know that their views are heard and that means something. If necessary, you can allow your staff to attend meetings and discussions for the benefit of society. This would make them realize they are part of a growing company and they not only employees, but part of the family.

Most small business owners overlook the fact that their employees so much and they could not realize this when their party. It is important to note that your company must be executed in such a way that there is unity in diversity and that each member must be welcomed and inspired to work. Only then will your people be motivated to treat their work as a second nature. When they do, the fruits of it could be seen on your market growing.

Mary Hernan is a full-time writer and blogger. It is capable of digital marketing and are updated on the latest trends and resources to help its customers. She often gives advice on the use of social media and financial aspects of small business.

Student Training To Successful Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur career choice very astonishing. ones begins all kinds companies and kinds industrial. but they are entrepreneur very hope their effort is that does true effort at alive.

Actually it is important to know to all parents early on that education wisdom dapt help their children in develops skill businessman. That is with introduce education with certain curriculum that holds business plan concept and activity extrakurikuler that aim to develop skill and business brain. And matter likes this of vital importance for a child and begun early on.
Curriculum lesson more put forward businessman concept can creat somebody to berwirausaha competent. Bring at local business owner to discuss their experience also can increase quality learn.

With hold business plan competition can teach manner children to formulate their ideas by briefly and dominate product or their service is effectively. This matter will increase ability will write them, communication, analytical and quantitative know-how and others.

Website focus extracurrucular activity institute in businessman, like school store or online e-commerce will give ability student to be more can see a company real life in action.

Hold study likes this approach best to every entrepreneur training and children will reside in line most in front of, watch closely and deal with everything that in the world of business.

To be a entrepreneur of course not everybody or or many students interested work for ownself as career. But, know-how whom they will obtain in will learn kewirausahaan will pass method sure very will help them later on day in life anything they will set to do it.

Begun in young age and embedded in child necessary approach problem differently can has big impact in them when look for job at road. Entrepreneur will impress ably analytical and creative to deal with rumorss that appear and finish it successfully.

Has ability to be entrepreneur, although size whom you begin or that industrial stills little or under. The key begin beginning enough in life with leave pleasant zone for so that you can learn and grow from your experience. This matter be begun at where all childs be taught businessman in one or other manner.

Good can inspired your life in aim children be successful entrepreneur in this life.

A Completely New Way To Get Rich Rapidly

This new way is catching on around the world. People are compounding money rapidly for themselves.

Its called "opportunity investment" and it has nothing to do with the traditional way to invest. Stocks, bonds, shares etc. This is hands on. The entire premise is based on compounding and becoming the "investor source"

You see when we hand over our funds to "professionals" to invest our capital we dilute our returns dramatically. It makes sense if you think about it. They have no interest or incentive to manufacture returns any better then maybe 10% if you are lucky.

"Opportunity Investment" is a term that describes the process of taking responsibility for your own funds. Thereby becoming your own "investor source" What that means is that you determine by your daily actions and decisions, what your returns will be. I have managed over 2500% per year and it was easy. Starting with just $100 and on a whim, I compounded that in to $1 million dollars within 27 months

I discovered this 5 years ago. There is a book written by a guy who pioneered this formula and lives the results every day. Hayden Muller. The book is called "The inside trade secrets to an ethical opportunity investor"

The idea is to identify "investment objects" that are endowed with "excess intrinsic value" By recognising profit where others do not we put ourselves in the position to access this unseen stored portable value and transform it into profits which we pyramid and compound into a rapid fortune.

Its my opinion that this is not new at all. I believe, this is the narrow path that all "high net worth individuals" discovered for themselves. What is novel and new is the way its packaged as a book and disclosed freely to all who choose to recognise its worth.

I am so impressed with it, as were my associates, that we invested in an online resource to share with the many who already compound their wealth rapidly and certainly day by day. (Theres a link to the site below if you wish to learn more)

Theres revolution in the air. Ordinary people are daring to reach for their first million and taking it. Millions are not content to work their whole lives, then retire then die. They express it by their actions. They are living in large comfortable homes. They are sending their children to good schools, driving nice cars and living the life they choose today not tommorow.

We are part of that paradigm shift and we fan the flames with knowledge. Wealth education need not be complicated. Your wealth education could be alot simpler and direct if you choose it to be. Simpler is always better, and opportunity investment is the bare bones. The structure is robust and direct. Take it and earn like the many who already do.

Angry customers - what can we do with them

"You are the worst company I have bought from!" - writes the client. Oops, bossss! What should I write back?
It is very hard to select words when some of your customers is angry and complains about your company. Read more for an insight into it. All is well when it ends well. And until it ends be sure not to panic; no matter how bad it looks. Your customers only want you to do your best when they complain. They can see things that you might miss and every complaint will give you insight on how to improve your business. Here are some tips of handling with complains:

• Be empathetic and come them down - which means that you should acknowledge the person's feelings (you don't have to agree with them to do that). In the NLP practices this is called "to build rapport". For example, you can say: "I understand how upsetting that might be..."

• Do not defend yourself - you will surely want to say something to defend yourself - don't! Getting defensive will never help. The issue is not about who is right, it is about helping a disappointed customer and keeping their repeated purchases.

• Take responsibility - no matter whether you are guilty for the complaint or not, you still represent your company. Therefore, you should take the "blame". By doing that, you emphasize the company's trustworthiness and reliability. If you can't handle the issue alone, be sure to hand the customer off in a classy manner.

• Make commitments - only that way the customer is assured that something will be done in a precise time interval. You have to state your actions clearly, for example: "Our team will come to your place tomorrow at 15:00".

• Make some offer before they ask for refund - that's what most of your customers say in cases of dissatisfaction: "We want our money back". But that is the least you want, because it leaves your customer disappointed in your company. You will have to be cleverer and offer them something of a value for their trouble and time before they ask a refund.

• Do more - every company can do things the regular way. We are sure you can come up with something more. After all, the complaining customer only wants you to be better, and you can use this interaction to prove that you can.

• Walk the talk - make sure to do what you have promised.

• Follow up - check back with them after some period. Phone them up or e-mail them and ask if they need anything else and if the arrangement you made works properly. That way you show them that you care and can also trigger word-of-mouth referrals.

At the end, let's use the statistics as a guide: it shows that about seven out of ten complaining guests will do business with you again if you resolve the complaint in their favor.

New Job Blues ... Now What?

You’ve landed what you thought was the job of your dreams. Each stage of the interview went smoothly - you sold them on your skills and expertise, and your prospective boss sold you on the position and benefits of joining the company. He/she seemed excited about extending an offer. And then, with offer in hand, it was thrilling to give your notice (or tell your friends you’re finally employed after a long stint of unemployment!). All seemed right with the world. You’ve now been on board a few days… a week… perhaps even a month. Suddenly you’re not so sure you’ve made the right decision. The job that seemed like a dream is starting to feel like a nightmare. Perhaps the position isn’t what you thought it would be; it’s either too narrow, too broad, not challenging enough, or more of a stretch than you imagined. Maybe the company isn’t measuring up. Or, perhaps your boss isn’t the caring, supportive mentor you thought he/she would be.

In a state of confusion, you wonder what you should do. Stick it out? For how long? Leave? Then what? The decision to stay or leave a new job is a personal one, with no right or wrong answer, as everyone’s situation is unique. And most people, at one time or another, have been faced with this dilemma. To help you think through your next move and determine what’s right for you, here are some questions you may want to ask yourself:

Is it just the newness of the job? Changing jobs can be an unsettling experience. In your previous job, you knew your way around - you knew what was expected of you; you knew your job; you knew the players; you felt like you belonged. In a new job, however, it takes time to learn the ropes and feel like you’re truly adding value. Sometimes it’s best to give yourself time to get over the “newness” and then decide if the job is right for you.

Can you live with your boss? Hiring managers sometimes put their best foot forward in an interview, then do an about-face when a new employee arrives. Even though your boss isn’t the supportive manager you thought he/she would be, can you live with the change? If so, it may be worth staying. If, however, you experience a nauseous stomach on Monday mornings or a rise in blood pressure every time he/she walks into your office, it may be wise to consider leaving.

Can you navigate the politics? Office politics can be the bane of many employees’ existence. If you’ve been hired into a political crossfire, it will be important to assess your political skills to determine if you can make it work. If politics aren’t your strength, you may want to leave before you find yourself failing without even knowing why. If you’re good at developing relationships and working with differing styles, as well as “managing up”, you may want to consider staying and seeing if you can make a tough situation work.

What will you learn if you stay in this job? Sometimes a seemingly wrong job can turn out to be a terrific opportunity to learn new skills, become exposed to new technologies, and gain valuable experience. Is it possible this job could be a stepping-stone to a better, more satisfying job down the road? Could it ultimately propel your career forward? If so, and you can tolerate everything else, it may be worth staying.

If the scope of the job has changed, can it be renegotiated? If the actual work turns out to be far different from what you thought it would be, you may want to speak with your manager to see if aspects of the job can be changed. If the scope is too narrow, can more responsibilities be added? If the workload is too great, can you get some assistance? If the job ultimately represents a step backwards and/or you’re doing work you didn’t feel like you signed up for, it may be worth looking elsewhere.

Can you afford to leave without another job to go to? If your boss, or the job, or the politics are so bad it’s beginning to affect your health and personal life, then leaving sooner rather than later may be the best move. But can you afford it? Carefully evaluating your financial situation prior to jumping ship will help alleviate regrets later on. Consider also the momentum you had in your job search prior to starting your job. Can it be easily resurrected so your time of unemployment is minimized?

The decision to stay or leave an intolerable new job is a tough one. How long to stay is also a dilemma. Many have left after two weeks, never to look back. Others have stayed, only to regret staying too long. And still others have stayed and managed to make everything work out. Only you can decide what’s best for you and your situation.

If you answer the above questions honestly, you will surely make the right decision for you. Pay attention to how you’re feeling and what the job is doing to your health and self-esteem. Recognize that the longer you stay, the greater the requirement to add the job to your resume. Know that it’s always an option to stay and look for employment on the side. If you do that, it may be valuable to evaluate your job, boss, team, and culture requirements so you can develop some insightful interview questions to ask the next time around.

Talking with a trusted friend or colleague can be helpful during this challenging time. Whether you choose to stick it out and hope for the best, or leave right away and cut your losses, trust that you’ve made the right decision. And know that regardless of the outcome, the experience has presented an excellent opportunity for learning and personal growth that will be invaluable in helping you manage the rest of your career.

how to make 15k a month

I take/copy this article to give encouragement to myself, and can replicate what this man doing in business. Modeled on those which have succeeded it would simplify and accelerate the process towards success. Of course there are some things that need to be changed and modified in accordance with my conditions, not all have the same thing, right.
I start with keyword lists from adsenseheaven dot com which guesstimates the most expensive keywords to bid on in the PPC AdWords side of the Google ad world. I generally ignore the top 1000, as they are very competitive and saturated. I am not concerned with the top payouts.
I store this data every month in a mySQL database with the previous months data, and over time I am able to see which phrases are consistently in the lists and unlikely to disappear. I call them long term performers.
I cross check each phrase with the number of pages currently indexed in google, to see how much competition there is for a each key phrase. It’s usually easier to land a top 10 first page SERP position if there is less competition for the phrase.

I also cross check each phrase with google trends data which has an RSS feed which is also collected and stored in a seperate SQL database hourly. If an adsenseheaven keyphrase is found to appear in my Google trends history database, it’s flagged as hot. If there’s less than a million indexed pages it’s further flagged as a top candidate for a dedicated microsite armada.
Once a month after the new list is released I analyze the data after it’s been processed and I pick a shortlist of hot key phrases that I am going to ramp up over the next few weeks.
For this lesson the phrase I’ve selected is ‘Acai Berry’.
The estimated cost for the top position according to the adsense heaven list is $19, and it also appears multiple times in my Google trends history data. That means I’m probably going to make at least $5 for each AdSense click, and there’s a lot of people searching for it.
I head over my favorite registrar and find a domain name which contains the keyword at the beginning of the domain. Contrary to popular belief, the gTLD is irrelevant. I find that .info works just as well as a .com with all things otherwise equal. Get the new domain’s DNS setup, and your webserver configured. Install your favorite Open Source CMS into the Docroot and pick a nice template which looks clean. Avoid dark colored themes. Make a nice graphic for your site logo position which contains your root keyword. (yes googlebots can read keywords with OCR in your site logo images).
You now have the framework for your microsite, and a place to put your articles.
Now we’re going to mine long tail keywords for the selected phrase to use as subjects of my microsite subpages based on the root keyphrase. I use a couple different places for this, a good one for noobs is I input the root phrase ‘Acai Berry’ and save the top 50 results into a text file. For this example I’ll limit to the top 5 after the root.

Acai Berry at Wordtracker
7,401 searches (top 100 only)
Searches Keyword
4679 acai berry <- ignored, it’s the root phrase 371 acai berries <- variant of root phase 238 acai berry supreme 1 220 acai berry information 2 181 acai berry research 3 149 acai berry juice 4 125 acai berry diet 5
You can use however many you want. The more you have, the bigger your site will be, and the more expensive it will be to ramp up.
I outsource most of my article writing to Justin at No Doubt Marketing. I pay them around $8 for each original article, and they are not scraped together garbage. I order 1 article for each long tail keyphrase. In 12-24 hours they’ll begin arriving in a steady stream to my inbox. It’s not uncommon to have 25-50 articles for your project. Your goal is to build a site which contains everything someone would ever want to know about your root keyword. It’s also not uncommon for me to have $500-$1000 into each microsite by the time it’s done. But, I make that back in two days.
There are lots of other article writing services out there, and there is a lot of grey area. Some are more readable than others, and the general rule is you get what you pay for. I spent a few months testing all the top ghostwriters who advertised their services on digitalpoint, and some are very bad. I do not use scraped articles or spun articles from aggregation sites like ezinearticles.
Now you have some original high quality meat for your microsite which is truly original content and is highly targetted for each long tail keyphrase. Create a content item on your CMS for each one, putting the longtail phrase in a H1 tag, the Title, and the Meta description. Do not make the title and meta description identical or the latter will be ignored. Insert the article, and do your html markup to split it into paragraphs, and add floating divs for your google adsense and CPA offers.
Over the course of the next few weeks, repeat this process as your longtail articles arrive. By the third week you will have a pretty large site which is very useful and informative. It doesn’t read like it was written by robots.
At the same time, you work on link building. I will look at who is already ranking for the keyphrases I am looking to rank for, and I will attempt to contact each of the webmasters. It’s easy to do a whois lookup on a domain (firefox has a plugin to do it from serp pages) and fire off an email to them. If they have a working phone number listed (they are required to) give them a call. I have a vonage account so I get unlimited long distance. I also have a telemarketing background so I am good at cold calling webmasters and socially engineering them into adding links.
You will mostly get voicemails, so leave a nice message which is very brief and explains you have a relevant website which wants to become link partners. When you get the webmaster on the phone live, tell him how great their website is, how you added a link to it on your blogroll, and how it would help their rankings to link to your related site which is full of good content.
Some people will tell you to go fuck yourself, so you just move on. There are going to be hundreds of thousands of other sites to contact, so don’t spend too much time with each one. I will ask them for their AIM handles so I can keep track of them. (did I mention I create a new AIM/Gmail for each new microsite?)
There are lots of other ways to get links. I’ve tried most of them, and they all work. You can donate money to open source organizations which have a ‘thank you’ page. Most of them will include a link if your donation is over a certain threshhold. Check for nofollows and disallows in the robots.txt first.
You can do a google blog search for your keyword and post an on topic comment which contains a single link to your homepage. Most places will leave your comment in the moderation cue forever, but others will publish it. You have a better chance of your comment getting published if your comment contains the keywords they are trying to rank for. Blog owners don’t want comments that throw their keyword density off.
You can search for forum posts using google which contain your keyword in the title tags and post a useful something into the thread. Don’t just spam your URL or clearly it’s going to get removed. It’s also a good idea to make a few posts in other threads before you do any link dropping so you don’t have 1 post when you do it
Create a new one everyday somewhere new and make a couple posts about your keyphrases. You can take snippits out of your articles and rewrite them into blog posts, or even purchase some of that ‘low quality’ filler articles I spoke of earlier and use that for your free blogs. Be sure to choose good anchors when linking to your main moneysite.
The bottom line is get as many links as you can, and spread them out as far apart as you can. You don’t want to get too many links in a day or it will appear unnatural. So take your time, and work a little bit on each microsite every day. Try to make sure every microsite gets at least one quality inlink every single day from somewhere.
One final observation: The longer a Google AdSense unit has been deployed, the more it’s worth. Some of my top performing units are several years old. I think after a certain time they’re internally flagged and start to show the top paying ads.
Ok I’m tired of writing now, and you’re certainly tired of reading. I’ll check back for questions later and try to follow up.

Social Networking

Professional and social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook are effective outlets for finding new readers. But it is easy to find your message spread thin if you don't choose the right strategy.
To avoid the scattershot approach, choose one or two social networking sites that fit your business well and invest the time to maximize your presence in them. Let's explore what that might look like if Facebook is one of your choices.

Prepare Your Best Information Before You Start

Avoid the "I will go back and fill that in later" trap. Have all your necessary information on hand, ready to copy and paste on the spot. Complete a worksheet containing:

1. Key Terms:
Make a list of your best key terms and weave them into the rest of your worksheet items. Key terms are one, two, or three word terms that someone might use if they were searching for your business in a search engine.

2. General Information:
Your Name
Business Name
Email Addresses
Instant Messaging screen names

3. Biographical and Descriptive Information:
Short bio (50 words)
Longer bio (100 words)
Short company description (50 words)
Longer company description (100 words)
Business mission statement

4. List of Products

If you choose a different social networking site, examine some completed profiles and base your worksheet items on them.

Online Business

There are probably thousands of businesses that you can get involved. Sometimes, what it takes is just a little creativity and you are probably looking at a million-dollar worth of business venture.
But, let’s not get carried away and scrutinize all the possibilities. Instead, let’s see some of the ways to build a home business with a simple connection to the internet.
1. Sell Information Product
This is one easy way to make money online from your own home. The more popular choice is to create a digital informational product such as an electronic book or software and sell it directly from your own website.
An electronic book is simply a document that you can format it to pdf (from Adobe). It can contain information about your hobby, amazon's triks, interest or anything that people are willing to buy.
2. Sell Physical Product
If you visit eBay today, I’m sure you’ll be able to easily spot one or two junks that people are selling. These could be your old books, furnitures, CD and anything that you don’t want to see in your house.
What you need to do is auction these products on auction sites like eBay and ship the products to the buyers.

3. Sell Your Service
There are many people who are selling their services online and their clients are from all over the world. We call them freelance writers, translators, graphic designers and they can be seen on many freelance sites such as
To be in business is easy. You’ll just have to register with these freelance websites and start bidding the price for the service that you provide.
In all, there are many more businesses on the internet that you can do. Some require products to sell. Some don’t.
What u need to do is sell other people’s products to any customers on the planet and get a percentage on the sale commissions.

Affiliate Program from Microsoft

There are two ways Affiliates can earn cash.
  1. Each time someone signs up for a free trial of Windows Live OneCare.
  2. The Microsoft adCenter program - which I can’t find details about - but you can earn cash each time someone you refer from your site signs up for paid search

Participation is Easy and Free

  1. Complete the Online Application.
  2. Create & post your links to Microsoft Affiliate Network offers.
  3. Begin tracking your traffic and earnings reports online.

The Importance of Data Management

Every time you create a business plan, one thing that important is the availability of data as a basic references. What is a data? Data is a facts about the object, person or entity. Data could be quantitative, and qualitative. Data is collected by personal or an agency and used by various types of users in different ways. Data release by the institution becomes a serious concern for business. In general, the data is managed to follow a hierarchy of data consists of data elements, record, field and file.

Data that is collected then processed into information. Information is the result of analysis and synthesis of data. Information is data that has been organized in a suitable form to be used by the appropriate data users, such as for executives, analysts, managers, and sales person.

What is a data base? The database is a collection of integrated data, organized and stored in a tool and manner that allows re-extracted. Database consists of a minimum of one or several files. Database has been compiled with a certain systematics would be useful if someone wants to find information / details contained in the specified data.

The importance of the use of database for small business to enterprises. Currently each organization / company whether small, medium and big are using information systems to help its operations. For medium and large scale enterprises, they usually have to use an application based on a database, thus simplifying the search and utilization of information that belongs to. With financial support and the Information Technology division, the company is not difficult to develop its information systems.

Even small business can create and utilize database information system. The first step of a small company in making the database is to standardize on all existing data / raw data. Standards were included Identifier, Naming, Definition, Integrity Rule, and Usage Right. Then determine what type of DBMS applications are suitable for use in assisting the preparation and utilization of such data.

Popular DBMS applications that are available include the Microsoft Access or Open Source category of applications such as Open Office Base which can be obtained free of charge. These applications are used mostly by small businesses and medium companies. Once the database is complete, small-scale companies can use these applications to support operational activities.

The importance of data management for a company
Why data management is required by a company? Data management is important for a company because company must be able to monitor what happens on operations so can take faster and appropriate measures in case of problems. For example a quick sale to be followed by faster inventory management system. The finance department can also quickly calculate profit and loss and to assist management in determining whether to increase production, purchasing raw materials and so forth.

the Benefits of Decision Support System for a Company

Decision Support System (DSS) is a natural progression from information reporting systems and transaction processing system. DSS is interactive, computer-based information system that uses decision models, and specifically using a database to assist the decision making process for managers and end-user information generated in the form of periodic and special reports and output of mathematical models and expert systems.

Why DSS is used by a company? There are several reasons why companies use DSS application. Decision Support System in a company used to analyze a problem that happened in the company and then with a decision support system is searched for and made the best solution. DSS can provide many benefits for the company.

The potential benefits of enterprise using decision support system method include:
1. expand market share
2. makes it easy to get materials and services
3. cut marketing distribution channels, so the product becomes cheaper
4. reduce the cost of manufacture, processing, distribution, storage and retrieval of information by digitizing its processes
5. lower inventory with supply chain management facilities
6. help some small businesses compete with large companies

Already so many companies in various industries that rely on the tools, techniques and decision support modeling, to help them analyze and solve a variety of everyday business questions. Decision support system is dependent on the data, as the whole process of taking the entire data set available for analysis.

Devices, processes, and reporting methodologies based business intelligence is an example of important use in any decision support system, and provide data analysis, reporting and monitoring highly reliable of data to users.

Decision Support System

An information system with a decision support system (DSS) - based computers can help a person in improving their performance in decision making. A manager at a company can solve semi-structure problem, where the manager and the computer must work together as a team of problem solvers in solving problems. Decision Support System utilize the resources of individuals in intellect with the ability of computers to improve the quality of decisions. Decision Support System has been developed since 1970.

What is a decision support system?
Decision support systems definition
Decision Support System is a computer based system used to assist decision makers in order to solve complex problems that is impossible with manual calculations in a way through an interactive simulation where the data and model analysis as a main component. DSS - decision support system is a software product developed specifically to assist management in decision-making process.

As the name the purpose of decision support system is a second opinion or information source that can be used as a material consideration before an executive decides a particular policy. It supports the assessment of manager and it is not trying to replace them. It is also improve the effectiveness of a manager's decision-making rather than efficiency.

Here known the term of decision modeling, decision theory, and decision analysis which is essentially represent the problems and management facing every day into a quantitative form (eg in the form of mathematical models). The classic examples of problems in this field is linear programming, game's theory, transportation problem, inventory system, decision tree, and so forth. Of the many classical problems that are often encountered in activities of daily business, some can be easily simulated and solved by using a simple formulas. But there are many existing complex problems that it requires computer assistance.

Decision support system helps executive / decision makers compile useful information from raw data, documents, personal knowledge, and / or business models to identify and solve problems and make decisions.

The most often approach is done in the process of designing a DSS is to use an interactive simulation techniques, so in addition to attracting managers to use, this system is expected to represent real-world circumstances or actual business. Decision support systems used to collect data, analyze and shape the data that were collected, and take the right decisions or to develop strategies of analysis.

Online Business Tips for Beginners

Online business can be an option for a housewife who wants to have their own business at home. This choice is correct due to new business with not too much capital, online channels can reach a wider market. Choices the type of business to be brought online are so many.
Many success stories of those who have had an online business. The most important step is to conduct research on the internet how they who have been success are running their online business.

Here are some tips if you want to establish businesses that will be undertaken with the online.
1. Pick the goods or services that have a high demand from prospective buyers.

2. It is recommended to choose items that are not inventory
As a beginner, save a lot of stock at risk of losing money, because the goods are not necessarily purchased. Show some examples of items and pictures, then if one is interested you can buy them from your suppliers. As a beginner, this is one safe way to explore how much of a market on the value of an item.

3. Has a universal(global) market
It is better if you choose a product to be marketed, not just at the point of sale only locally but also overseas market sector needs. Internet can reach out to all corners of the world. So look for items that are also interested in overseas markets.

4. Higher margins earned
If we can sell on customer trust, serve wholeheartedly, honest and can define the product to be sold clearly then the buyer will come back to us. Customers will be loyal and not be concerned about a price if you can guarantee what the customer satisfaction itself. Customer satisfaction will make them to transact more and not so concerned about the price.

5. Starting from a minimum capital
With online sales system, then the cost of expenses such as space, staff, electricity, etc. will not make you dizzy because it requires a little capital. Start to create (or find) a unique product that can generate a large income. Then focus on its marketing strategy (site,promotion,publicity,ads,seo,etc).

Tips on Increasing Sales Turnover in the Midst of Competition

Imagine if you open a business in the mall -which is quite a lot of competitors- How to increase sales turnover in the middle of this very high competition?

One way to increase the turnover of the business is by adding unique value to what we offer. I know that in some fields, competition is so tight. Even with the tough competition we have a challenge to be more creative and innovative in offering our products to the buyer. And look for what could be added value to the products we sell.

In selling one unit of product, the buyer can compare with other stores so that they look for the cheapest prices. Approach by providing low prices can be done if we have a large capital. Price war will eventually make our business in a difficult position.

So we need something else to attract buyers and make them come back to buy products from us. The sale price may be similar to other stores, but that distinguish is the added value that we provide. Additional promo for the product will make buyers prefer to buy products that we sell than from the next door.

Make a difference with other stores and thus be an added value for our store. The added value could have provide additional benefits, such as providing a longer warranty, for example if another mobile phone shop just give 1 year warranty from the official warranty, we can provide an additional 3 months warranty, which warranty service from our store. Alternatively, if other stores can only served if the customer comes into the store, then we can make a difference by providing a FREE service delivery. Or give the money back guarantee as well if the phone is not in accordance with the customers want.

Include the value added in front of our store with a clear and interesting. But make sure that it is correct and you can keep them. Do not be like a fuel efficient car advertisements, which then sued by consumers because it does not fit between the ads with reality.

Another tip is if a buyer purchases a product, we can offer additional products (at a discount price) to provide an explanation for the benefits of the product purchased. For example if the person is buying a phone so we can offer a scratch-resistant, soft case, extra battery, card, pulses and other accessories at discounted prices. So that we get not only profit from its core product, but also the additional gains from the sale of additional products.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a web-based marketing practice in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought about by the affiliate’s marketing efforts.
Affiliate marketing is also the name of the industry where a number of different types of companies and individuals are performing this form of internet marketing, including affiliate networks, affiliate management companies and in-house affiliate managers, specialized 3rd party vendors, and various types of affiliates/publishers who promote the products and services of their partners.
Affiliate marketing is a form of online marketing, which is frequently overlooked by advertisers. While search engines, e-mail and RSS capture much of the attention of online retailers, affiliate marketing carries a much lower profile. Affiliates continue to play a significant role in e-retailers’ marketing strategies.
An affiliate network acts as an intermediary between publishers (affiliates) and affiliate programs (merchant) . It allows publishers to find affiliate programs, which are suitable for their website and it helps websites offering affiliate programs reach its target audience.
For merchants, services can include providing tracking technology, reporting tools, payment processing, and access to a large base of publishers. For affiliates, services can include providing one-click application to new merchants, reporting tools, and payment aggregation.