Branding Logo and Corporate Identity

Your brand is important! Even more important today, when consumers looking for the best product they could afford in all categories. For essential daily needs, a strong brand that provide a guarantee for consumers that they have purchased the best product. Strong brand can put you on the top list will be considered consumers. The success of brand builds confidence!

It's nice to have a well-known brand in the eyes of consumers. Although the brand was hit by the crisis, consumers still choose it. Strength of the brand owned can reduce consumer disappointment.
The brand image would be very helpful in marketing activities. Because, if a company has had the power of brand image then indirectly the product will do the marketing on its own.

Historical factors are important in building a brand. But not only the historical that is able to create a strong brand image. Apparently there are some marketing strategies related to the creation of brand image. Apparently there are some marketing strategies related to the creation of brand image. Among them can be created through the power of the variables service marketing mix. Such as product variable, if the product offered by the company has a good quality will indirectly be a brand image.

Likewise with the power of other variables such as, pricing, promotion models are used, the type of distribution channel, the process of delivering services, the presence the performance of a company employee, and the company commitment to the promise made to its customers.

The Importance of Logo
A good branding helps guide the public and users of a product. Although a very famous company, the logo is still important. A company including small business should have a special logo. Although the name is very well known company in the world, but it was not enough. The company needed a logo as identification. If not has a logo, it will be difficult for company branding.

A logo is a graphical presentation of the brand which will be representative of the company in the brains of the audience. When the audience face of a particular graphical form as a stimulus, the brain will give meaning through association with certain attributes. Association between graphic form with certain attributes that make this image, which if that graphic form (logo) is representative of a company. This is called a corporate image.

The relationship between a Logo with corporate identity
Corporate identity is what offered by the company. Corporate image is the audience perception of the proffered identity. A logo is part of a physical identity, so often called a visual identity. Visual identity is expected to give a universal meaning across geographic and cultural boundaries. A logo is expected to be a window to get into the the audience's perception. So designing a logo can no longer just imagination.

One of the principles in making a logo is Convey the right messages. A logo should be designed to convey a message that would communicate to the audience. The selection of meaning, color and shape should match the message you want to be communicated to the the audience. Because a logo can be interpreted as the big messages in a small space.

Logo changes may be required including the companies that you feel comfortable in its position. If there is a logo change, the people feel for a change. But implementation of changes to the logo is very expensive. So that the other aspects of corporate identity needs to change with changing the logo, and the most difficult is to change employee behaviors.

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