Car insurance quotes for a unique product

When you set out to buy a refrigerator, you can lay down a few gentle guidelines for yourself. Do you only want to buy a product from an American manufacturer, what's your price range, how energy efficient do you want it to be, and so on? Now a few minutes spent on the internet produces makes, models and lists of retail prices. Armed, you now set off for the local electrical stores and hope to find a bargain. Car insurance is a rather different proposition. It's a contract and the only way you can actually see it is by getting hold of a copy of the policy. Even then, it may not be completely clear what you are buying. Some of the language used to draft these contracts is not so easily understood unless you majored in law from one of these upmarket universities. But now we come to the really unusual qualities.
Although there are regulations dealing with electrical safety in the manufacture of refrigerators, there are both federal and state laws regulating insurance. More importantly, there's a mandate in all but one state requiring you to buy the minimum amount of liability cover. There's also an Insurance Commissioner who oversees the terms and conditions and, in some states, has to be consulted on rate rises. Given this amount of oversight, many of the policies are broadly similar. The only differences come in the way in which each company assesses the risk you will be involved in an accident and make a claim, and in the efficiency with which your claim is handled.
This means shopping around can only be based on the maximum number of car insurance quotes you get through sites like this, and the help and guidance offered by your state's Insurance Commissioner. Once you have the basic information, you then come to the Commissioner's site. On the best, you find reports of the complaints made against the local insurers. Now tie the car insurance quotes to the number of complaints. There's no point in buying cheap car insurance from a company with multiple complaints. Look for affordable quotes from insurers that seem to offer a good service if you are unlucky enough to be caught in an accident.

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